Monday, March 9, 2015

John Stamos In SF

John Stamos & The Fan Encounter Fail
By Mauricio Segura
March 9, 2015

Source - John Stamos Instagram  //

     John Stamos, famous for his role on the San Francisco based television sitcom hit of the 90's, "Full House", was visiting the city by the bay this week. "Uncle Jessie" decided to take a stroll down memory lane to the old Victorian that served as the Tanner Family home located on Broderick Street.

     Just as Stamos posed for a picture in front of the house, a group of Full House fans wandered over to see the house as well. However, they completely missed out on noticing that the star of the show was standing no more than 10 feet away! Stamos captioned the photo, "Boy, these youngsters have 0.0 idea what they're missing".

     Chances are these four people will come across this photo someday, their reaction will be priceless!

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