Monday, August 3, 2015

Today... Tuesday August 4, 2015

Today... Tuesday August 4, 2015

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Today is National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day. Just thinking about that should bring a smile to anyone's face!

Here's Mrs Field's own recipe for her famous Blue-Ribbon cookies that will melt in your mouth!

Today... In Bay Area History

1977 - International Hotel Evictions

The final residents were evicted from the International Hotel on August 4, 1977. In 1978, then-Mayor Dianne Feinstein created an International Hotel Citizens Advisory Committee, which was unable to break the deadlock between low-cost housing advocates and the property owner. The building stood empty while the fate of the site continued to be debated, but was finally demolished in 1981.

The Fall of the I-Hotel brings to life the brutal 10-year eviction struggle of the International Hotel’s tenants. In the 1950’s, the I-Hotel was the heart of Manilatown’s 10,000 people. By 1968, all that remained of Manilatown was the one block that housed the International hotel. The owner wanted to replace the hotel with a parking garage, catalyzing a movement of senior citizens, churches, labor groups and community activists to preserve the I-Hotel as low-cost housing for the elderly, and as an Asian community center. 300 baton-wielding and horse-mounted police broke through several thousand people (the “human barricade”) surrounding the building, and forcibly evicted 50 elderly tenants in the pre-dawn hours of August 4, 1977.

In 1994 the site was acquired by the Roman Catholic archdiocese of San Francisco. The air rights was later sold to Chinatown Community Development Center which planned to build a replacement low-cost residential project. In 2003, construction began on the new I-Hotel, and the building was completed on August 26, 2005. The new building contains 105 apartments of senior housing. A lottery was held to determine priority for occupancy, with the two remaining living residents of the original I-Hotel given priority. Occupancy started in October 2005, and the new building also contained a ground-floor community center and a historical display commemorating the original I-Hotel.

Today... In Bay Area Sports

Oakland Athletics vs. Baltimore Orioles   7:05pm

Final score last night - A's vs. Orioles (L) 2-9
San Francisco Giants @ Atlanta Braves   4:05pm

Final score last night - Giants @ Braves  (L) 8-9