Wednesday, March 25, 2015


The Amazing Race - San Francisco Style
By Mauricio Segura
March 25, 2015

Ok, it's not exactly the amazing race, but it's as close as many of us will get to actually competing in it. There is no million dollar prize when you reach the end, but you will have an blast running around the city by the bay trying to beat your family and friends to the finish line.

A few years ago, Christie Walker Bos was bored. Her job takes her traveling around to many exciting cities, but she often found herself trying to find fun things to do in her downtime. City tours were often boring as she didn't just want to sit and be talked to, she wanted to be out and about. As a huge fan of the TV reality show, "The Amazing Race", Christie got the idea to incorporate something similar that would allow exploring while learning about the city, and still have fun in the process. Thus, Urban Adventure Quest was born.

Now in over 30 cities and museums, Urban Adventure Quest allows individuals and teams to compete against each other by utilizing their smart phones or other mobile devices to solve clues, complete challenges, and work together to unravel secrets as you're touring around the city.

The San Francisco version begins at the Yerba Buena Gardens and ends at the Hyde Street Pier. The roughly 2-mile course will take approximately 4 hours to compete as you traverse your way through Union Square, The Cable Car Museum, Chinatown, Fisherman's Wharf and more. Aside from walking, you'll also be riding the cable car.

The cost for this adventure is only $49 per team (no more than 5 people per team), so a large group can make this a super fun way to spend a day in San Francisco. At the end of the course, you can compare scores (yes, you rack up points along the way) between those you competed with, as well as those who have done the race before you.

The Urban Adventure Quest can be done 365 days a year from sunrise to sunset. Discounts are available for corporate events, parties, schools, and the military.

For more information, please visit the Urban Adventure Quest website -

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Al Capone: The Alcatraz Romantic?

Al Capone: The Alcatraz Romantic?

By Mauricio Segura
August 6, 2014

source - courtesy of Madame Tussauds San Francisco
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     That's a painting of the infamous crime boss Al "Scarface" Capone during his internment in Alcatraz. Unlike his time served in Philadelphia's Eastern Penitentiary where he was treated as a celebrity with perks, Alcatraz proved to be the complete opposite. However, due to good behavior, he was allowed some leisure time on occasion.

     As depicted in the painting, Big Al played a mean banjo. He was a huge fan of music and the arts, and indulged in them whenever possible. When not behind bars, he often attended the Opera and Symphonic performances around Chicago. 

      His love for jazz far surpassed his other little hobbies like extortion and murder. In fact, legendary jazz pianist Fats Waller once played the entire duration of Al's three-day-long 27th birthday party. Now, it's true that Fats was abducted at gun point and actually forced to play for Capone, but he was paid handsomely for his troubles and returned safely to the same street corner he was nabbed him from.

     While in Alcatraz, Capone and some other inmates formed a prison band named the Rock Islanders where they performed the popular tunes of the day, as well as a few originals. That said, romantic is not the first word that comes to mind in association with Al Capone, but the truth of the matter was he spent a lot of his free time writing poetry and love songs. Who knew that the man who is best remembered for orchestrating one of the most heinous gangland murder hits (The St. Valentine's Day Massacre) in mob history, was truly a romantic softy!

     Here are the lyrics to one of his surviving "hits" written while in Alcatraz...

Madonna Mia,
You’re the bloom of the roses,
You’re the charm that reposes,
In the heart of a song.

Madonna Mia,
With your true love to guide me,
Let whatever betide me,
I will never go wrong.

There’s only one moon above,
One golden sun,
There’s only one that I love,
You are the one.

     Ok, so it wouldn't be much of a hit today, I don't even think his contemporaries like Sinatra, Crosby, or Como would have touched it. But then again, The Beach Boys recorded a song penned by Charles Manson once, so anything would have been possible.The song was recorded in 2009 by members of the Al Capone Fan Club (yes, it really exists), and if you ever come across it, it's really not that bad a tune. The original sheet music was given as a gift by Capone to a priest who visited him every week, and was sold at auction just a couple of years ago for $65,000!

     So now you know, Al Capone had a human side. Wonder what would have happened if fate had taken him down a different road. Imagine that?

Thursday, March 12, 2015


Will Ferrell - Rookie of The Year!

By Mauricio Segura
March 12, 2015

As we told you earlier today, actor Will Ferrell took the field as part of the Oakland A's in a game against the Seattle Mariners.

So why this picture in a Giants uniform? Tell you in a minute...

Will is doing the unthinkable today where he is scheduled to play 10 different positions (including DH) for 10 different teams using the hashtag #‎FerrellTakesTheField‬. It is part of a charity event to fight cancer.

He began the day with Oakland. Upon entering the stadium he quickly let the press know that he would not be doing any interviews, "I'm in beast mode", was his reason.

After a routine physical, Ferrell worked out with the team, took batting practice, mingled with the press and fans, and finally stepped onto the field as the Oakland A's shortstop. His stint with the team however, was short lived. Upon coming back into the dugout after one inning, Billy Beane broke the news that he had been traded for a comedic actor to be named later.
"I gave you blood, sweat, & tears for FOUR HOURS!", he yelled before suiting up in a Mariners uniform and walking across the field to their dugout.

Throughout the day, Ferrell will play all positions for the 
Athletics, Mariners, Cubs, Angels, Reds, Diamondbacks, White Sox, Dodgers, Padres, and also the San Francisco Giants (reason for the article Picture).

As news broke about what Ferrell is doing today, countless major sports teams around the US are inviting him to play for them by offering money to the cancer charity as incentive. Even our own San Jose Earthquakes and San Jose Giants got into the act. One thing's for sure, He's going to have a busy summer!

Monday, March 9, 2015

John Stamos In SF

John Stamos & The Fan Encounter Fail
By Mauricio Segura
March 9, 2015

Source - John Stamos Instagram  //

     John Stamos, famous for his role on the San Francisco based television sitcom hit of the 90's, "Full House", was visiting the city by the bay this week. "Uncle Jessie" decided to take a stroll down memory lane to the old Victorian that served as the Tanner Family home located on Broderick Street.

     Just as Stamos posed for a picture in front of the house, a group of Full House fans wandered over to see the house as well. However, they completely missed out on noticing that the star of the show was standing no more than 10 feet away! Stamos captioned the photo, "Boy, these youngsters have 0.0 idea what they're missing".

     Chances are these four people will come across this photo someday, their reaction will be priceless!