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Never fear, water taxi's here!

Never fear, water taxi's here!

By Mauricio Segura
September 15, 2014

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     Truth be told, walking along the San Francisco waterfront is a wonderful way to explore the sights and sounds of the city. It's lined with shops, mouth watering restaurants, and scenic vistas that provoke photographers to run around aimlessly like dogs in a fire hydrant factory.

     Time goes by fast, and although it's only a two mile walk from Pier 39 to the Ferry Building, most people end up taking cross street excursions to the Embarcadero Center for example, and before you know it, you may have walked 5 - 10 miles between point A and point B.

     That's the moment when you're standing in the shadow of the Ferry Building with the realization that you now have to walk all the way back. Of course, people who are fit and walk around all the time won't mind the approximate 25-minute trek, but non-walkers, the elderly, and especially parents with young children, will find the task as appealing as standing in line for a ride at a third rate theme park.

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   Since March, the San Francisco Water Taxi has been operating a boat known as "Lil Taxi" from three points along the waterfront. Operating daily from 10:30am to 5:00pm, you can hop on for a ride between Pier 1 1/2 next to the Ferry Building and the Hyde Street Pier at Fisherman's Wharf. During Giants home day games, they will also provide service down to Pier 40.

     There's nothing better than to explore the San Francisco waterfront from both sides, right? And now you can! Tickets are cash only with adults paying just $10, youth 6-12 $5, and children under 5 ride for free. Round trip service is included.

     So remember the Lil Taxi next time you want to give your feet a rest and enjoy a ride along one of the most scenic waterfronts in the world.

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