Monday, June 1, 2015

Today in San Francisco Bay Area History - 1851

Today in San Francisco Bay Area History

June 1, 1851

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 By Anthony Clemente

Horse-drawn omnibuses began running between California Exchange and Mission Dolores, then later through other city routes. As the low fare transportation alternative of the day, it quickly became quite popular.

Though it ran on a designated route, there were no designated stops. If someone wanted a ride, they would simply raise their hand in the air, like when hailing a taxi, and the driver would pull over to pick them up. When it was time to get off, the passenger would pull a strap which was attached to the drivers leg.

The San Francisco Omnibus service ended its run just a few years shy of the 20th Century. A newer and better mode of transportation, the cable car, took over in popularity and comfort when it was introduced in 1878.